Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Countering the poison of false doctrine with intercessory prayer.

Satan, the world and the flesh are continually bent upon falsifying the word of God or the pure doctrine, and never before has such perversion been carried on so variously and extensively as at the present time, so that in our day millions are being carried off in to eternal death by the poison of false doctrine.
- A. Graebner, Theological Quarterly, 1898

We need to be bold in speaking the gospel, and bold in our prayers. Are we failing to intercede on the behalf of the lost? Do we not understand the power of prayer and the commands that we pray without ceasing, to make supplication and intercede for others?  Do we forget that Jesus withdrew often to pray, and if this is His example, how much more should we do so?

Counter the poison of false gospel with urgent prayer for lost souls. I have seen many leave one false doctrine only to be persuaded by another.  Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

It is my prayer that God would open the eyes of the lost, pouring out his Truth upon them!

Are you praying for the lost in your life?

Father! Deliver them from the poisoning doctrine and inject them with sound doctrine leading to faith in Christ!

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