Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Break every chain

I had some major chains broke over the weekend.
Christ desires to set us free from all those chains that bind us, but sometimes our insecurities have us clinging to our chains.  We worry about what it will look like if we raise our hands in praise, if we stand up and twirl around as we sing boldly to our great god.  We worry what people will think about us if we live truly free, unafraid.  A life lived in passionate worship to our Lord seems radical to others.  We desire more of God but we're afraid to give more of ourselves.

Maybe we're afraid of what God will do with our lives if we surrender every aspect to Him.  Maybe we're afraid of looking like a fool.  Do we really trust God is who He says He is?  Do we trust that He loves us, that He is a loving, gracious Father and His plan is good, even if it doesn't look "good" to us?

Do we truly understand the power that comes with trusting in Him?  The power He has to dig out the junk in our lives so He can fill us up with Himself.  The power to overcome addictions, poisonous thought patterns, dangerous cycles.

Do you have some chains in your life you need broken?
Chains in your worship and praise of God?
Chains in your marriage?
Chains in how you view yourself, your spouse, your children, your God?
Chains of unbelief?

Satan wants to keep you chained.  He doesn't like that you've committed your life to God, and if he can't stop that, then he's going to try his hardest to hinder you. He doesn't want you to be truly free.  He may know he's lost the war, but he's going to try to win some battles.  We need to understand that Satan is real, and he seeks to hinder us from being fully committed, fully sold-out, fully passionate and submitted to Christ.  He wants us to hold back.  

But we have a weapon far greater than him.  There is POWER in the Name of Jesus.  And HE has the power to break all those chains Satan has placed upon us.

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  1. Thank you for this encouragement. There is one BIG area in my life that I know I have allowed to keep myself chained up for years. I'm seeking counseling for it and this is basically what my therapist has told me as well. She keeps asking me how long my prison time is going to be because I am the only one holding me in! Thanks for the reminder of Jesus' awesome, powerful name to help me.