Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Modesty and Lust

Modesty and Lust go hand in hand. Do you understand that, ladies? This is one area where I struggle. Sometimes I hold up a pair of shorts and think, "Well, I just want to be comfortable."  Sometimes I put on something and am not even aware of how it may be a stumbling block to someone else- whether a man struggling with lust, or a young woman watching me to see what "Christian modesty" looks like.  Does what you wear drive men who look upon you into Spiritual Warfare as they struggle with lust? It's not just "their problem"- it's ours, as women, as well.  If we love our brothers in Christ, we will adorn ourselves modestly so as to keep them from struggling.

I enjoyed this videos which so wonderfully approach this subject, and so, I'm sharing them with you today.

Whose attention to you crave?  (Modesty, Part 1)

From a guys point of view: (Modesty, Part 2)

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