Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"I love Jesus with all my heart"

"I love Jesus with all my heart!" Have you heard that before?  I can't even recall how any times I've listened to preachers call "the lost" to come down the aisle, telling them to "accept Jesus into your heart".

But that's not biblical, is it?

We aren't called to just love Him with our heart, but with our complete lives- our heart, mind, soul, and strength.  We are to give Him all of us.  If we've just given Him our heart, then we haven't given Him enough.

There's an issue here- we're told to invite Christ into our hearts, but that makes it sound as if we're saying, "Hey, you have this piece here, and I'll keep the rest of my life to myself."  Besides, Christ tells us to "remain in me", not the other way around.  Our Lord is inviting us to come into Him, to be a part of Him, not for Him to be "a part" of us.

Here's a wonderful sermon that really digs into this subject, convicting to the core those who would really "have ears to hear".

Offering Your Bodies, from Paul Washer

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