Friday, June 3, 2011

For with the measure you use....

For what measure you use, it will be measured back to you.

Think on it.
-What if you were judged as you judge others, condemned as you condemn others, forgiven as you forgive others, would you find yourself condemned and unforgiven?
-What if people talked about you the way you talk about others? Would you feel comfortable with the words they would be speaking?
-In your time of need, what if you were given only as much as you had given others?  Do you joyfully help and give of your time, finances, and "stuff" or do you grumble as you give as little as you can?
-Do you treat others as you'd want to be treated?  Do you give little out of the much you've been blessed with? 

I fall so short in these areas. It is my desire to live as Christ lived, to give as Christ gives, to love as Christ loves.  Less of me, more of Christ.  I pray that the Lord would help me be selfless and humble. 

I am a "lover of self".  Our society tells us to do whatever makes us happy- to put ourselves first- and urges us to think of "me-me-me".  The bible tells me to put God first- to do whatever would glorify Him- and urges me to serve others through the love of Christ.  Help me to love others more, myself less.

Help me to set aside my excuses. My excuses will fail when I stand before Christ.

I have especially been considering these verses in terms of giving. Help us all to be extremely giving, not greedy.

Here are some great clips from Francis Chan I really enjoyed:

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