Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

If you live in America, you're spoiled. Even if you're among the poor in the states, you're still incredibly spoiled compared to the 80% of humanity who lives on $10 a day. You see, in the states, we have all sorts of programs and funds set up to help the poor- insurance, food stamps, housing, grants- but in other countries, that don't have such luxuries.

We've been blessed far beyond our "basic needs". We not only have clothing, but we have so much clothing our closets, dressers and laundry baskets are overflowing. We not only have shelter, but we actually have houses with divided rooms for privacy. We're so spoiled, we think that a four bedroom house is too small for a family of six. We're so spoiled, we get our panties in a twist if someone messes up our burger (Ew! I asked for no mustard!) instead of being thankful for what's before us. We're so spoiled, we get to have variety in what we wear, eat, and do where as in other countries, some people only have one or two things to wear and eat the same gruel every day! We're SO spoiled that we get all in a tizzy when the electricity goes out for a couple hours or, woah, a couple days. Here in Texas, we complain about our A/C not keeping up when it creeps up to 76 F! Nevermind that a quarter of humanity lives without electricity.

We're so spoiled, we complain about running out of juice or soda and having to drink water. Yes, folks, we're so spoiled, we can instantly have water with the twist of a knob, and we can soak in steamy hot baths daily and allow the water to run while we scrub our dishes or brush our teeth. Let me give you some statistics:

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