Monday, May 2, 2011

Time for Tea?

I was reading my bible this morning (okay, bibles.. I like to read several translations at a time), when my daughter brought me "pretend tea".

She noticed I did not have my usual cup of coffee and so, surely I needed a cup of hot tasty tea. I am so thankful to have such a sweet, thoughtful daughter. The Lord really blesses me through her.  (She's going to be eight in a few days! I can't believe it!)

She reminds me to take joy in the small things. She reminds me of myself.... many years ago.  She softly sings the verses she's memorized. She dances down the grocery store aisles.  She opens her bible and slowly sounds out the words.  It takes a while, but she works at understanding it.

She brings me joy, and, through her, I'm reminded of what it is to be a daughter of the Most High God.

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  1. This is the sweetest. As the mother of two teen boys, I haven't seen dancing in the grocery store aisle since the toddler days. Just the thought of it makes me smile. And tea is just a letter in the alphabet to my guys. What a little sweetie you have!
    I'm so glad you linked up to Playdates! I love living through friends who have daughters. One day, I hope to have grandaughters. But not too soon. :)