Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Making Your Home a Ministry Center

God designed the home to be the heart of ministry. It is to be a place of worship, learning, health, hospitality, and productivity for each member of the family and a base for reaching out to others in the community. When these aspects of the home are cultivated, it becomes a vibrant hub of life and outreach, attracting neighbors and friends who are looking for living demonstrations of successful Christians.

The first responsibilities in the home are to meet the needs of the family members, nurturing a safe environment that is filled with righteousness, peace, and joy. As the family members grow and develop within the home, they are able to reach out in ministry to their friends, church, and community.

One of the most traditionally valued environments is the home. Men go to war to fight for hearth and home, but sadly, many nations perish when the vision of the home is lost. Today, many American homes have become centers for sleeping, entertaining, and snacking because we’ve lost the vision for the power of the home place.

A home becomes a ministry center as parents intentionally seek to recover and rebuild God’s purposes for the home.

- Excerpt from Making Your Home a Ministry Center for Your Family & Others

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