Sunday, February 26, 2012

I choose to feel blessed

My hair stylists! I love her!!!
Nolyns drawing :) 
Nomming on some kid clif bars ;) Waiting for the Dutch baby/ Hungarian pancake to puff :)

You choose to feel blessed.  You choose to look through the trials and the struggles and see the many gifts God has bestowed upon your life.  I see that now.  I am not any less blessed today than I was six or seven years ago when I was in what I felt was the darkest part of my life. I was just as blessed then as I am now.  I choose to focus on the beautiful things, God's "small" courtesies to His greatest gifts.  I choose not to focus on the worries that could easily wrap their tentacles around me and pull me under.  I choose not to get caught up in the annoyances.  Life has plenty of them, plenty of minor and major frustrations. Plenty to fret about, plenty to be angry about, plenty to get trapped under.  I choose not to live that way.  I choose to see the many ways my husband loves me, and in doing so, he loves me more. I choose to see the beauty in the mess, choose to count the interruptions as blessed moments (it has taken me an hour  to write this short bit because Brandon wanted to read me a couple chapters out of the book he is devouring, Evie wanted to sit in my lap and poke my belly button while jabbering at me, and then I snuggled her a bit before laying her down for a nap... and then searching for her pacifier).  I choose to see the little blessings, not to number the dents and scratches in the walls, not to count the messes I have cleaned over and over again, not to growl under my breath about the loads of laundry or how my husband is having to work late again.
Instead, I choose to say thank You.  Thank You to the Maker of heaven and earth who fills my life with beautiful moments and liberally sprinkles blessings upon me.  So many times I have grumbled or ignored these things, and oh how that must have grieved Him just as it grieves me when I give good and wonderful things to my children and am not met with gratefulness or appreciation.  How soon we forget those great gifts or are completely oblivious to them. We shrug them off, move on to our gripes and groans, looking upon His provisions with dissatisfied, demanding, and self-centered hearts.

I choose life, and life is more abundant when lived in thankfulness.

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  1. Thank you for this post. I love it and want to think of this daily!