Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Piecing together

Yesterday, my oldest son pulled out a brand new puzzle and asked if we could put it together. I cut open the box for him and watched as he poured the contents onto the kitchen table.  He searched through the pieces, trying to find two to fit together.  Several minutes passed before he asked, "Mom, can you help me?"

I plopped into the chair beside him to show him a simpler way to put together the puzzle.
"First," I began, "you find all the edge pieces."
"Why?" he questioned.
"Well, you see, if you get the border in place, it's much easier to fit the rest of the puzzle together.  We already know that those puzzle pieces with a flat edge are going to make up the border, so we can begin to assemble them first," I replied. "Even if we didn't have a picture of the puzzle to go by, we could still form the border which would give us a guideline to where the other pieces would go."
He smiled, "Makes sense to me!"

This last week, I found myself with bits of scripture here and there, but I didn't realize, until this morning, that God had set those scriptures before me as pieces of a puzzle.  Today He gave me the bigger picture. It was as if He was setting up the border, and today He led me to an image of what it would look like when it was complete.

Previously, I had been looking at a (figurative) pile of pieces wondering how to start and where to place them.  The task seemed overwhelming.

Now I feel like I have direction- I can begin filling in the gaps as I go, depending on the image Christ gave and knowing His power will lead me to completion as I work on what He has already revealed.

Coded post, I realize... but maybe some of you can understand where I'm coming from.

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